Selected TGV Cinemas outlets
8 June - 18 June

Download the webe850 app from iOS & Google play store! Head to your favorite TGV Cinemas outlet with your friends and families to redeem a free movie ticket to watch WARCRAFT : THE BEGINNING for free on the 18th of June.
*Only applicable at TGV Cinemas in One Utama, KLCC, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Paragon (Penang) and Bukit Indah (Johor).

1. Your movie timeslot and seat will be allocated by the organiser on a first-come-first served basis.
2. You have to redeem the voucher according to the cinema indicated at the specific code you scanned.
3. Voucher scanned will need to be redeemed on-ground on the same day that you scanned the banner. Voucher that is not redeemed on the same day will not be entertained.
4. Redemption of ticket at the specific TGV outlet will be from 11AM to 11PM
5. For Penang and Johor, ticket can only be scanned and redeemed starting from 10 June onwards.

One Utama

HALL 3: 2.45PM, 5.30PM, 8.15PM, 11.00PM
HALL 4: 2.15PM, 5.00PM, 7.45PM, 10.30PM

Sunway Pyramid

HALL 3: 2.15PM, 5.00PM, 7.45PM, 10.30PM
HALL 7: 2.45PM, 5.30PM, 8.15PM, 11.00PM


HALL 5: 2.15PM, 5.00PM,7.45PM, 10.30PM
HALL 10: 2.45PM, 5.30PM, 8.15PM, 11.00PM

Gurney Paragon (Penang)

HALL 2: 1:50PM, 4:30PM, 7:10PM, 10:30PM
HALL 3: 3:00PM, 5:40PM, 8:15PM, 11:00PM

Bukit Indah (Johor)

HALL 2: 2.15PM, 5.00PM, 7.45PM, 10.30PM
HALL 3: 2.45PM, 5.30PM, 8.15PM, 11.00PM

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